What Makes A Productive Project Manager


Productivity is not an abstract concept that just happens out of the blue; it is a combination of planning, commitment and focused effort. A productive manager is someone who has a solid education and training, able to go through many situations, surpass targets, keep the team motivated, satisfy customers and make profit. These skills are built by experience and becoming a good project manager is something to work on, in the long run.

Let’s highlight some important qualities that make a productive project manager:

  • Being proactive and developing efficient management plans
  • Having the presence and intelligence to deal with problems that might arise without being necessarily connected to a project manager`s job description
  • Keeping up with the workload (sometimes extra-workload!) and prioritizing tasks, dealing with deadlines etc.
  • Controlling stress-levels

Stress is something that causes energy loss and many errors, so it is definitely detrimental to the success of a project. Keeping stress-levels low and knowing when to take a break is something that makes a big difference in productivity

  • Finding the right balance between work and private life
  • Building a good team, selecting the right people for specific task completion and creating a collaborative environment. Take for example when bringing quality constructed metal buildings for sale to the market, there is a lot of planning that needs to take place to provide a salesman with the proper tools to complete the sale.  They need to be informed about the product to enhance their ability to sell the product.
  • Efficiently delegating responsibilities