Affording A New Metal Building While on A Budget

Affordable Metal Buildings Manufacturer

Metal buildings are not only durable, attractive and easy to build – they are also the most affordable solutions, much cheaper than more traditional buildings. Metal buildings, however, are not only cheaper upfront, they also come with plenty of opportunities to cut the costs even further – here are some tips for you:

  • Pick the right time – the price of metal is influenced by numerous, complex, economic and industrial factors and it is in constant change. The price of the raw material has an almost instant and direct influence on the overall costs of your new building, so try to familiarize yourself with metal pricing trends and pick the right moment for placing your order with the building manufacturer;
  • Be flexible – some metal building solutions are more expensive than others, so try to figure out the components or the solutions that would be ideal, but you can go without and make the compromises that you can afford to make, they will make your brand-new metal building even more affordable;
  • Buy from the manufacturer – ordering your metal building directly from the manufacturer like CanAm Steel Building Corporation is another great way to reduce the related costs. While buying your building through an intermediary might seem more comfortable, these intermediaries do charge for their services, so turning directly to the metal building manufacturer will make your project cheaper.

Tips for Preparing Your Steel Building for Winter

Metal Building Preparation For Winter

Steel buildings make excellent, durable construction solutions for any climate area, for excessively hot, arid areas as well as for regions where the winters come with snow and freezing weather. If you own a steel building in a cold region and you are in need of tips related to preparing your building for the cold season, here is what you have been looking for:

  • Clean the area surrounding the building – having a clean, obstacle-free area around the building is the best way to prevent winter damage. Prune any vegetation that has grown too large during the year and also cut the large limbs that overgrow your building to prevent any damage caused by the impact of falling branches;
  • Wash, inspect and coat the building – use a brush and some warm water mixed with some mild detergent to clean the walls, then rinse the walls with clean water. Inspect the clean walls and correct any damage, then reapply the protective coating on the cleaned, repaired surface (if necessary);
  • Pay attention to the roof and to the gutters as well – clean and inspect the roof as well as the gutters. The process is an essential part of the maintenance of your metal building, especially if you expect a harsh winter with snow and ice.

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How Pre Engineered Metal Buildings Are Helping Farmers

CanAm Metal Buildings Agriculture

Farmers can benefit largely from pre engineered steel structures. They provide adequate storage space – which is so much needed in the farming industry -, being designed with concrete surfaces and uninterrupted floor and walls, providing maneuverability, consistent temperatures and protection according to the industry standards.

Probably the best part is that pre engineered metal buildings can be customized according to different needs and opting for them can help anyone optimize their business. Buildings can be customized with water proof interiors, rubber mats, control options and many other designs and features. Pre engineered metal buildings allow the use high pressure wash systems, as well as proper sanitation and bacteria control.

Besides, metal buildings are designed to be very durable and resistant in any weather conditions. They also provide reduced energy costs, when operations are optimized. Pre fabricated buildings are safe and economically advantageous in the farming industry.

Other farm-specific benefits include:

  • Proper airflow, which is required by bedding for animals, hay, cereal storage etc
  • Room for other inclusions to create comfortable conditions for animals
  • The possibility to carry uninterrupted operations

Pre-engineered buildings reduce the design time and are easy to install. They provide instant integrity, so follow-up purchases are not required. All these advantages ultimately translate into efficiency and reduced costs for farmers.

Steel Buildings | Metal Building Kits | Great Prices From CanAm Steel In Denver CO


Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck With Metal Buildings

Cost Effective Metal Buildings

If you plan a construction project, the word “budget” is surely on your mind. Luckily, a metal building is friendly with most budgets, especially if you identify various cost saving options.

Of course, steal building budgets are different, depending on what each customers wants, but it is good to know that a metal building provides the most savings compared to other building materials such as wood or brick, not to mention that it is erected in half the time.

Costs to consider for your steel building project:

  • The price of the building itself, including costs for land grading, soil composition and foundation
  • The price of the accessories you need (windows, doors, gutters etc.)
  • Construction costs, unless you opt to erect the building yourself
  • Costs for custom exterior finishes (if you opt for those)

It is very important to know the exact dimensions of your building, check on your easements, distances from other buildings, as well as the local building codes. Think about your metal building as a whole, in terms of versatility, durability and aesthetics. A quality steel building will last for decades, so don`t fall for cheep offers, because they might be a trap.


Steel Building Maintenance To Do Before Winter

Steel Building Winter Scheduled Maintenance

Although steel buildings are designed to be very resistant, there are a few maintenance operations required periodically, regardless the function of the building. If you are not familiar with them, do not worry: they are really simple and quick.

Winter comes with frigid weather and preventing problems before they happen will cost you less than paying for bigger repairs later. So, before the weather outside turns bad, perform these easy tasks to enjoy a problem-free winter.

  1. Prune back vegetation that has grown too close to your metal building. Remove tree branches or bushes grown close to its surface, to prevent snow accumulation and consequent damage.
  2. Clean the roof of your building by removing debris such as twigs, leaves and dirt that may invite corrosion and additional damage. Don’t forget about the gutters and downspouts.
  3. Wash the exterior of the building. All you need is some mild detergent, a soft-bristled brush and a low-pressure power washer.
  4. Examine the seals for scratches or corrosion. Inspect flashing as well as windows and door seals, to ensure everything is tightly sealed. If you notice some problems, reinforced seals with waterproof sealant.
  5. Metal buildings rarely have waterproofing problems however you should check ventilation to avoid condensation problems. If ventilation is not adequate consider adding vents, but do this after consulting with a specialist.


Classic Color Schemes For Steel Buildings

Metal Building Color Schemes Check Here For Ideas

Choosing adequate colors for your steel building, check here, is just as important as for any other type of buildings. Basically, the color scheme includes a trio (roof, walls and trim colors). There are color charts for all metal building kits and some of them are interactive which means that customers can preview the colors and select them according to their preferences.

The color scheme you choose will make your building unique and integrate it in the neighborhood, by complimenting surrounding structures.

Here are some of the most popular colors people choose for their steep buildings:

  • Shades of red and white
  • Shades of blue and white
  • Light brown, dark brown and bronze
  • Charcoal gray monochromatic
  • Gray and shades of green
  • Shades of brown and white

You can set up your dream steel building quite easily with the help of an online color configurator (more and more manufacturers offer this tool to their clients), whether it is for a production hall, a warehouse, an industrial hall, a garage etc. You have the option to test different facades for different construction shapes and you can see the result from different angles. At any time, you can change the color scheme to test more options.


Why Metal Building Insulation Is Important

Metal Building Insulation

Insulation is important for metal buildings just as it is for any other type of building, because it has the role of stabilizing the interior temperature and preventing condensation, which translate into improved overall indoor comfort and less money spent on heating and cooling.

Metal is a better heat conductor than other materials, which may be an advantage during the winter, especially if the building gets enough sun exposure, but it can also be a major disadvantage in the summer, when all the heat will be transferred indoors. On the other hand, when there are major temperature variations between the interior and the exterior, condensation will appear, causing mold formation, rust and corrosion – something that no metal building owner or administrator wants.

The right amount of insulation installed properly will keep all these problems away. Insulation should be considered right from the design phase, but can also be added later. There are different types of insulation that constructors use for metal buildings: loose fill, batt and blanket, spray foam insulation, fiberglass insulation, reflective foil, rigid board, insulated panels etc. The provided benefits, as well as the costs vary according to the building`s size, shape, purpose and geographic location.  For metal building pricing and accessories, see


Keeping Your Metal Building Warm During Winter

Keep Metal Building From CanAm Steel Building Warm This Winter Insulate

People do not naturally associate hard steel with warmth, but actually metal buildings from CanAm Steel Building Corporation are a great choice to have the interior heat and comfort you need.  However, just like in the case of any other construction material, there are several factors that can impact the interior comfort of a metal building, during the winter.

First, it is the intended use of the building. The heating strategy should be determined during the design phase, to avoid overloading the building with heavy HVAC systems that may affect the roof and the entire structure.

The design and layout are also important factors to take into account. The volume of space that must be heathen can alter the indoor comfort, so get an expert to determine the right height of the ceiling, according to your needs.

Another aspect to take into account is the sun exposure. Let us not forget that metal conducts heat, therefore having a steel building aligned with the winter sun will also have an overall impact on the indoor comfort.

Finally yet importantly, the geographic location determines the amount of insulation you should add to improve the energy efficiency during all seasons. Ideally, the insulation is added during the design phase, when engineers determine the correct R-value and use materials that match the climate as well as local building codes, but it can also be added or improved later.

Getting Your Metal Building Ready For Severe Weather

Storm Preparedness For Metal Building

Extreme weather may include high winds, torrential rain, and snowy conditions, and can take its toll on building structures. When it comes to metal buildings, the only thing owners must be concerned about is ensuring the periodic maintenance. In rest, there is not much to do to get a metal building ready for severe weather, because it is already designed to withstand severe weather better than other buildings.

During the years, metal buildings have been constantly improved and now they are more resilient than ever.

Periodic maintenance must include checking the accessories, as well as codes& loads, to ensure that the steel building is strong and ready to withstand bad weather.

Gutters and trim

Many people ignore them, but these accessories are actually extremely important. Gutters are designed to evacuate water away from the building, preventing different types of deterioration, while trim close open panels and edges off for rain or wind. If you are concerned about high winds, know that there are some other useful accessories you can opt for: wind loaded walk doors or wind loaded overhead doors.

Codes and Loads

Metal buildings come with wind exposure and wind speed ratings, seismic design categories, as well as ground and roof snow load. These are known as codes and loads and represent an important factor to take into account by those who are interested in purchasing a metal building.

Fun Ways To Decorate Your Metal Building For Halloween

Metal Buildings Halloween Decoration IdeasThere are many fun and creative ways to decorate your metal building for Halloween and transform it into a haunted house. It is up to you to use cheesy type things that sell with the kids or really scary things for the whole neighborhood to enjoy.

If you have a metal storage building, you can use your creative potential to the max, because you can convert it easily into a scary place. Let us not forget that this type of buildings actually have a history of being places of terror in scary movies.

How to create a haunted barn

Having a metal barn on your property is a big advantage for Halloween. First, you should cover the walls with black tarps or black plastic bags, especially if they are painted in bright paint or covered with flowery wallpaper. You can use the same dark materials to cover the doors.

Next, move to ensuring adequate lighting, because this is a huge detail in creating a really spooky atmosphere. An easy thing you can do is changing the bright bulbs with black or purple bulbs. Additionally, you can use a few lamps strategically, to create shadows in some corners.

You can use a fog machine to create a creepy environment with reduced visibility and also feature lots of gore, by splashing fake blood and creepy items and decorations all over the place.

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