Practices to Avoid When Building a Steel Warehouse

Common Mistakes Avoid With CanAm Steel Buildings Corporation

An investment in industrial or commercial warehousing is a major expense for a company. But there is an excellent and much cheaper alternative: steel warehouses.

Choosing to build a metal warehouse is the perfect option for any entrepreneur who needs storage space for various goods, industrial space or a place where standard production activities can be carried out. Metal warehouses are also recommended for the industrial or agricultural sector; manufacturers use high-strength steel, protected against corrosion and fire, as well as profiles made of galvanized metal.

Installation of a steel warehouse is carried out quickly, due to its modular structure.  Once the foundation is completed, the metal structure is delivered to the site and installation will be completed quickly and efficiently.

When building a steel warehouse, there are also some practices to pay attention to, or to avoid.

Do not overlook zoning and permit regulations

Just keep in mind that erecting a steel warehouse must be done according to some prescribed rules & regulations, which depend on your location. Therefore, make sure to research about the necessary paperwork and get it done before starting your construction project.

Avoid purchasing a random steel warehouse

You must know your needs very well, otherwise you risk to waste your money on a building that will not meet your expectations.

Do not purchase your steel warehouse from the wrong dealer

Find a reliable manufacturer such as CanAm Steel Building Corporation instead, with a solid reputation, who can meet your needs by designing you a custom warehouse.



How Steel Buildings Are Transforming Agriculture

Agricultural Rural Steel Buildings


For decades, agriculture has been associated only with the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and animal husbandry. Currently, agriculture also includes forestry, fruit cultivation, poultry farming, beekeeping, etc. Thus, agriculture plays an essential role in the entire economy.

The basic units of agricultural exploitation, throughout history and worldwide, are the agricultural halls.

Farms need to be constantly upgraded and follow industry trends. Investing in equipment, increasing production and delivering goods are operations that create many problems with the available storage space. For all segments of the farm to function efficiently, the best solution is to purchase agricultural halls. The wide range of halls available can meet all specific needs.

Activities in the agricultural sector require steel buildings Denver has available with optimal functionality, the most important aspects being the service of their main function and the optimal use of the building. It is essential that animals, crops and machinery benefit from adequate space and environment, in addition to meeting regulatory, technical and administrative requirements.

Steel building can do this and they are transforming agriculture, providing advantages that traditional buildings failed to provide. First of all, they are light weight constructions that involve low installation and maintenance costs, as well as flexibility and mobility. They are structurally stable, provide a safe and healthy indoor environment, easy cleaning options, as well as more indoor space and customization options (they can be extended, as your needs change).



Keeping Your Animals Safe All Year Round with a Steel Barn

Steel Building Prices For Barns Animal Care



Due to their resistance in time, under harsh operating conditions, steel barns have become widely used among farmers and ranchers.

A modern livestock farm has to face multiple challenges, today. Besides the fact that the market requirements are constantly growing, animals must be raised and maintained at the highest level.

The efficient use of space is one of the challenges faced by an animal farm, which is why a steel barn is an optimal, fast and cost-effective solution. It brings multiple advantages compared with a traditional concrete or wood construction.

First of all, there is more space available for the animals, installation can be done quickly, and steel building prices Colorado companies offer are affordable, and construction costs are lower.

An animal farm must have as much free space as possible for their maintenance, and, at the same time, it must provide optimal and necessary conditions for animal husbandry, including high-performance cleaning and ventilation systems. All this is included in a steel barn.

Steel barns designed by reputable manufacturers are built of the highest quality steel, cold-rolled, which is highly resistant and not subject to corrosion specific to such an environment (due to moisture, ammonia vapors, etc.). You can choose from many standard halls available, or, if you think that you may need a customized solution, you can confidently seek the advice of a manufacturer and ask for a personalized project.


Do Prefab Steel Buildings Suffer from Rust?

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Rust is the result of steel corrosion, after the iron particles in it have been exposed to moisture and oxygen. Oxygen causes the electrons to rise and form hydroxyl ions that react with iron to form hydrated iron oxide (FeOH), more commonly known as rust.

Although metal structures seem solid, water molecules are still able to penetrate into the microscopic gaps in its structure. That’s how the corrosion process begins.

Buildings on metal structures are very durable, but even the best ones need periodic maintenance, which includes identifying areas vulnerable to rust or already rusty, cleaning them and protecting them with the help of special substances and paints.

Common signs of wear in a metal structure that you need to take into account:

  • scratches or notches in metal that favors rust
  • more or less severe impact damage
  • corrosion, discoloration or damage to finished surfaces

To prevent some scratching and bumps, cut down the trees that grow too close to the building, clean the area around the building of leaves, twigs and other debris, and, in winter, clean ice and snow so as not to let moisture favor rust formation.

Areas affected by rust must first be sanded and primed, and then painted with special anti-corrosion paint.  For more tips on metal building construction and care look to

Is It Better to Use Metal for Erecting Commercial Buildings

Best Choice Product Steel Buildings


If you look for a cost-effective type of commercial building, you should consider, along with the initial investment, your potential savings in the long run. In this context, steel buildings definitely deserve your attention.

What is a steel building?

A steel building consists of a metal structure made of structural steel. The components are prefabricated and connect to each other perfectly. Due to the high degree of steel`s strength, such a structure is reliable and requires fewer raw materials than concrete or wooden structures.

In modern construction, metal structures are used for almost all types of buildings, including heavy industrial buildings or commercial buildings with various destinations.

Reasons why steel buildings Colorado has to offer is the best choice for erecting commercial buildings:

  1. Cost savings – The easy transport and installation process, as well as the durability of a steel building reduce the overall costs in the medium and long term.
  2. Creativity – Steel allows creating large indoor spaces, without the need for supporting columns, that can be customized as you wish. Additionally, you can benefit from the most natural light.
  3. Control and Management – Steel structures are pre-made in the factory and can be transported easily on site, where qualified personnel will deal with the construction stage, safely and efficiently.
  4. Durability – A metal building can withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and heavy snowfall. You will have to deal with some regular maintenance to prevent rust, but, unlike a wood building, it will not be affected by termites, mold or rot.


What to Ask Your Steel Building Manufacturer About Long Term Resilience

Resilience Steel Building Canam Corporation


Earthquakes and other seismic events damage many buildings every year. Steel buildings are much more resistant to damage caused by earthquakes, because steel has distinct properties that can undo some of the problems that cause the failure of other materials. It is also affordable and usually available.

Here are a few questions to ask CanAm Steel Building Corporation your steel building manufacturer to convince yourself about the long-term resilience of your metal building.

Which are the reasons why steel buildings are more resistant to seismic activity?

One of the main benefits of using steel for a building is to provide it with a combination of lightweight and strength. Lightweight and resistant materials eliminate some of the problems that make traditional buildings vulnerable to earthquakes, because less pressure is put on different components during a seismic event.

In what way is steel different from wood or concrete, in terms of earthquake resilience?

Steel is flexible, it can be deformed and even twisted, without losing its structural integrity. Flexibility is one of the most important qualities of buildings in areas that are prone to earthquakes. This will allow a steel building to easily survive a moderate seismic activity without getting structural damage.

Can you design me a building that will resist to earthquakes?

Surely, a professional building manufacturer will design the building you need. Steel gives designers and engineers the freedom to create a building that meets all the recommendations to survive a seismic event.


3 Tips for Setting Up Taller Steel Buildings

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Steel structural systems are a very popular construction option for multi-stored buildings, because they offer great flexibility. But from the point of view of a structural engineer, a high multi-stored building can be defined as one that, by virtue of its height, is affected by lateral forces caused by wind or earthquakes.

Structural engineering aims to ensure the stability and strength of constructions. Technological progress has led to the development of efficient, durable materials such as wrought iron and, subsequently, steel.

Steel structures are used for all aspects of modern life, including logistics, retail, commercial and manufacturing, providing the infrastructure on which society depends.

Here are a few tips for setting up taller steel buildings:

  1. Make sure the structure of the steel building is correctly designed and installed. If this requirement is met, you will not have to worry about the stability of a high metal building. If a traditional building may not be raised without consolidation, a metal structure allows you to do it, due to its light weight.
  2. Wind load is an extremely important variable. Metal buildings are flexible, but when it comes to the wind, this feature is not exactly an advantage. Especially in the case of high structures, it requires precise calculation, it doesn’t go with “let’s see if it holds”…
  3. Leave everything in the hands of the specialists! Steel building manufacturers know what they have to do and, depending on your preferences and the particularities of the project, they will design the building taking into account all the important parameters to ensure its stability and durability in any conditions.



Can You Install Metal Buildings on Your Own?

Yes You Can Install Metal Buildings

Metal structures began to be used since the middle of the 19th century, and they have become increasingly popular. Nowadays, they are everywhere and have various destinations, from residential to commercial, agricultural and industrial. It is easy to explain – the durability, safety and reliability of the construction allow assembly and disassembly without quality losses.

The construction and installation of metal buildings have become so popular due to the particular features of these buildings, such as lightweight, ease of installation and low costs. They are currently being used for the creation of exhibition and shopping centers, homes, warehouses, workshops, business and sports premises and so on.

At the moment, this technology is one of the most cost-effective for the construction of any turnkey facilities, since it allows the quick completion of the work.

If you opt for a pre-fab metal building, you will find that the installation process is not complicated at all. These buildings are designed and engineered from parts that fit exactly, when they are joined, so that the intervention of specialists in the installation process and the use of professional equipment are not even necessary. You can do it yourself, with the help of the manufacturer’s instructions.

Metal construction is easy and convenient due to being prefab, which ensures a high level of mobility (parts can be transported quickly and easily, disassembled and assembled repeatedly, without the risk of getting damaged in the process).

What Are The Maintenance Requirements For Metal Buildings?

Routine Maintenance Metal Building Colorado


If you intend to invest in a metal building Colorado location, the good news is they are very easy to maintain and can last for a very long time. But, like in the case of any type of buildings, preventative maintenance is essential.

After the actual construction is completed, you should check if there is any kind of elements that could threaten the integrity of your metal building, such as ladders, tools or panels leaning against its walls. These can put an extra pressure to your building, damaging its surface. After that you should check the roofing system. Metal shavings should be removed from your roof, because they can cause your building’s roof to rust.

Another important maintenance routine task is to wash your metal building once in a while. Dirt and grime can damage your metal building. The washing should be done every two months, or whenever you find it necessary.

Repairs should be done as soon as you notice any problems. Scratches on your metal panels may indicate that you should paint them to avoid corrosion. Whenever a repair is made, it is important to mark that specific area for the next inspection, to make sure the issue is solved and has not evolved into something bigger.


How Easy Is It To Expand Steel Buildings?

We Make It Easy Steel Buildings Colorado

Steel buildings are easy to construct and quite affordable. In addition to that, they are also very easy to expand. And that can be very good news in case you have to expand your new location, if you are about to hire new employees, to add new products, increase the warehouse storage space, etc.

In short, you can either make your steel building wider or longer in size. But before you start your project, you should check local codes and requirements, to make sure that the desired expansion is possible from the legal viewpoint. By doing that, you can avoid many unpleasant surprises in the future.

Perhaps one of the most cost-efficient strategies for expanding a steel building is by adding a lean-to. This can also protect your structure from the outside weather conditions.

If you want to add more height to your steel building, this may necessitate the use of framing methods. And in case your building’s foundation is wide enough, you can build a new frame around the actual structure.

When planning a steel building remodeling project, it is always best to ask for advice from the part of the Colorado steel buildings experts, and find out what works best for you.