Women in the Construction Industry

Statistics show that about 9% of the construction workforce are women; this percentage translates into about 950,000 women, working in various sectors of the construction industry. The gender pay gap in construction is less visible than in other domains (women earn about 96% of what men make).

Although still male-dominated, the construction industry offers significant employment opportunities and women can take more and more advantage of them, dispelling the myths, becoming not just the new worker faces beneath the hardhats, but also the future employees in construction administration, engineering and management.

Construction labor is becoming more attractive for women also due to the increased educational opportunities in this field, leading to the possibility to obtain a good job, with good perspective in the future, regarding employment and the possibility to become entrepreneurs. Recent statistics revealed that there is a high growth rate (about 20%), in recent years, among construction firms owned by women.  Women in construction at places like CanAm steel construction company are qualified and highly motivated.

Women have the right qualities for working in the construction industry just like in any other domain, there is no question about that, so they will surely keep raising the bar and transforming the game that will include their presence, more and more, in the future.