New Trends in Commercial Buildings

There are some visible trends that will likely shape the commercial buildings in the years to come, reflecting society`s underlying values, drivers and technological changes.  Keeping up with the newest trends are some of the quality engineered CanAm buildings, and should be considered.

  • Working, shopping and socializing in facilities designed for mixed use

Current generation clearly manifests the desire to have leisure facilities in the proximity of their work and residential quarters, therefore strategies will be focused on designing estates able to combine various use types (residential and office quarters, offices and shopping centers etc.) and keep the millennials productive and entertained.

  • Retail sector and distribution – hand in hand

In the next years, it is expected a fusion between the retail sector and the distribution market, due to the growth of the e-commerce and the new delivery requirements.

  • Creating space for data storage

Data creation keeps growing by the day, and IT services will require more storage capacity, translated into places designed inside commercial buildings, where information can be kept safe and private.

  • Using methods to improve health and well-being of the buildings` occupants

Health and well-being are more and more taken into account when it comes to productivity, so this aspect is also expected to reflect in the way that commercial buildings will be designed in the future. There will be innovations that will allow the use of more natural light, improve air quality etc.