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Canam Steel Buiding Corporation is commmitted to keeping you informed with regard to the metal building industry and our activities as a leading purveyor of steel buildings, metal building component parts, and steel building accessories.  View our blog for exciting metal building news and information.

A CanAm Steel Tiny Home?

We may not be in the tiny home business, but this home is giving us all kinds of ideas about how our CanAm Steel panels can be used to manufacture an amazingly efficient and environmentally-friendly tiny structure . To begin your project with a trusted company already known for superior quality, call us today! [Read […]

How Does CanAm Provide So Much Recycled Steel?

Protecting the environment is a key element of CanAm Steel Building’s company values. One of the ways we are able to demonstrate our commitment to the environment is by providing up to 89 percent of recycled steel for all of our building projects. It’s not a simple task, but it’s one that we are proud of and […]

Steel & Nature Working Together

One of the most advantageous things about building with steel is you can fabricate it to suit any space perfectly. That’s the reason this architect chose steel in order to create this home that wouldn’t disturb the landscape but actually be harmony with it. It’s a difficult task to accomplish, unless you’re using steel, of […]

Metal Buildings in Space!

Among the many advantages of metal buildings, one major one is the durability they possess. With the right amount of planning and good manufacturing, a metal building can last you decades and serve multiple uses, especially a CanAm steel building. That’s probably the reason NASA is so keen to repurpose this metal cargo container into a space […]

The Reason You Should Have a Steel Roof for Solar Panels

Solar panels on roofs are increasing in popularity and photovoltaic (PV) modules are the most common type of panel being installed. But not many homeowners are taking into consideration the long-term effects of these panels on their roofs. Sure, the energy savings are what you typically gravitate toward when considering installing PVs, but what happens when you need […]

Beautiful Steel Facades

Steel is one of the most versatile and beautiful architectural materials, which is why we love it so much. While structures like these aren’t made every day, it’s fun to see what our friends across the ocean are doing with it. To begin your CanAm Steel metal buildings project, call us today. [Read more about Architizer’s […]

Green Solutions Can Be Eco-Friendly And Cost-Effective

If you’re considering building with steel, you’re making a good choice. A CanAm Steel Building is one of the greenest options on the market. Call us today and see what your options are for a beautiful and efficient structure. Green Solutions Can Be Eco-Friendly And Cost-Effective Finding The Balance Many companies eschew “green” solutions because they […]

Recycled Material is Great for Sustainability

Sustainability is a long-term goal. It has to be about more than the structure of your building. However, a great place to start is by using recycled steel. CanAm Steel Building Corporation metal buildings are comprised of up to 89% recycled material, which is the perfect foundation for beginning a sustainable practice. Call us today […]

The Advantages of a Steel Building

Steel buildings are an ideal choice for a number of different uses, and the structures have several benefits. Because steel is one of the strongest building materials on the market, it spans greater distances than lumber. This allows a building owner to maximize the use of their floor space. High ceilings are just one option […]

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