Steel Building Buying Tips – Before You Buy

Affordability, durability, superior energy efficiency, predictable construction schedules . . . all great reasons for choosing a steel building when planning your facility. But steel building companies are not created equal. In an industry as competitive as ours we know we can’t out‐promise the other guys . . . instead our focus is on performance. Our passion for excellence has made CanAm Steel Building Corporation the choice for pre‐engineered metal building owners and contractors everywhere.

“A well informed customer is a good customer”

The overwhelming majority of manufacturers and other sellers of steel buildings do not sell buildings from inventory. Rather, the engineering and fabrication of building systems is scheduled only after an order has been placed by the customer. This isn’t to say that every offer of a ‘deal’ is not real, just that it’s exceptionally rare for a fabricated building to be an orphan.

The Big Four

By adhering to these four simple rules, even first- time buyers can move forward with confidence.

1. Verify building codes and design loads. Get in contact with your local building officials and make sure you understand what building code and design loads the building you are about to order will have to meet. Be sure to ask about ’snow load’, ‘wind load’, ‘exposure category’, seismic values and any other consideration relative to your specific project. Communicate this information to your sales service agent.
2. Get it in writing. Some manufacturers and suppliers may ask for a commitment to purchase and a down payment to “get going” before ever putting their entire offer on paper. It’s never wise to sign up or pay for anything before getting all of the details. Ask for it in writing. Be sure you know exactly what you’re buying and what it will cost.
3. Look carefully at ‘good deals’. When two or more suppliers present proposals for similarly designed and equipped buildings that are thousands of dollars apart, you should investigate the details thoroughly. Chances are that they’re not at all the same. If a “deal” seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure you’re confident that the offer you like includes everything that you need.
4. Don’t pinch pennies. If you’re investing many thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands, a difference of 3% or 5% here or there is not significant. Your steel building system is going to be yours for many years to come. Make sure you invest wisely and get the building you want.

At CanAm Steel Building Corporation our product is pre-engineered steel buildings and steel building components. Our business is relationships. We’re working hard to earn your business and we’ll keep on working hard to keep you coming back for all your pre‐engineered building, building component, and building accessory needs.