Metal Buildings or Pole Barns? – Make The Right Choice

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Despite the fact that pole barns can appear to be similar, at least on the outside, there are significant differences between these two. So, in order to make the right choice, it is essential to carefully assess the options.

The most important difference between a pole barn and a metal building is the construction method and the durability level. The interior frame for pole structures is made of wood, and the exterior is usually made of metal panels. There are many styles and configurations that you can use to build a pole barn.

Metal buildings, on the other hand, contain virtually zero flammable materials. They have steel frames, wall and structures. They can be used for various different uses, styles and types of architecture.

Wood is easy to build with, but can be affected by rot, natural deterioration, mold, etc. If exposed to extreme heat and sparks, wood can catch fire. On the other hand, steel buildings can last for a very long time, if they are properly maintained.

Steel buildings from can be much bigger in size than pole barns, so that they can accommodate various needs. But they can also be built in smaller sizes, depending on the exact purposes of the building.


Benefits of Top-Quality Prefab Steel Buildings

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Prefab steel buildings can help you save money in the long run. But this is just one of the many benefits that this type of buildings can bring.

Because they have a high grade of insulation, you get to save money on your energy bills. In case they are built in mind climates, these buildings do not necessitate air conditioning or heating, especially if they are used for warehouses, aviation, garages, storages, etc. But if they are used for commercial purposes where people get to spend more time inside, climate control units may be required. In areas where summer temperatures can get really high you can use cool-coated roofing panels.

Another great benefit for Denver steel buildings is the fact that they have a reduced insurance rate. That is explained by the fact that they can withstand snows, earthquakes, termites, heavy snow, high winds, lighting, and so on. And many insurance companies offer convenient discounts on insurance rates for buildings which have steel frames.

Steel buildings can have a decreased number of foundation problems. That is due to the fact that they need fewer framing elements than wood. And in case you want any remodeling project in the future, expanding a steel building can be done with great ease.

Reasons You Should Consider Metal Buildings for Your Ranch

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Agricultural buildings are very much needed for ranch owners. And the metal buildings Colorado dealers supply can certainly work great for ranches, for several good reasons.

For one thing, they are more long-lasting and solid than the classic pole barns. These pole barns usually lack any foundation, whereas metal buildings are built on a frame with concrete foundation. And that makes metal buildings more durable. While nails are used in the case of pole barns, metal buildings are typically fixed together by bolts and screws, which confers them extra strength.

Another great thing about metal buildings is that they are able to withstand often very harsh weather, even hurricanes and seismic activities. Moreover, they offer good insulation. They do not warp or shrink like wooden barns tend to do.

As they are resistant to insects, mold, fire and rust, metal buildings can be a great asset for your ranch, so that you can keep your focus on other important activities instead of having to solve this kind of issues.

And despite the fact that the initial investment usually is higher than in the case of conventional ranch buildings, you will spend less money in the long term. That is due to the fact that they are easy to maintain and last longer.

How Metal Buildings Are Breaking Limitations In Functionality And Design?

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The demand for constructions has certainly increased in recent years. Commercial buildings need to be more sustainable, flexible and offer better quality for the space they occupy. Because it is very durable and extremely versatile, metal can be an amazing material which can truly break limitations in functionality and design.

Because of its versatility, metal can be used not only for commercial buildings, but also for churches, schools and other educational structures, auto showrooms, etc. The total cost of a steel building, for instance, can be affected by many factors, such as the actual market price, the exact amount of work necessary for preparing the land, the geographic location, for which different types of insulation, finishes and metal may be needed for insulating purposes.

Personal buildings such as garages, workshops, stables or barns can also be made of metal. As a matter of fact, the steel buildings Denver companies offer can take virtually any kind of design.

As our society becomes more and more conscious about environmental issues, sustainability and energy efficiency are extremely important. In this respect, steel is one of the most sustainable building materials available on the market, because it has an extremely long life expectancy. This material is also recommended for building rehabilitation projects.

Aspects To Take into Account When Hiring a Steel Building Manufacturer

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In case you intend to build with steel, you can enjoy a durable, beautiful building for years on end. But you should consider a few aspects when you are in the process of hiring your steel building manufacturer.

Perhaps the first thing to ask CanAm Steel Building Corporation your steel building manufacturer is whether he is licensed and insured, and if he can provide warranty for the products offered. Fully licensed manufacturers are sure to comply with all the local and national quality requirements.

The buildings should be in full compliance with local codes. In other words, the structure of those buildings should be reliable and safe. It is very important to work with manufacturers which specialize in metal buildings and, preferably, in steel buildings.

Another important aspect to discuss with your potential manufacturer is whether they work with local partners, as this can help you in every other detail concerning your project. Also, it would be very useful to know if they can procure permits on your behalf, which means that you will have less to worry about and more time to focus on the success of your building project.

Finding out about the exact industries in which a steel building manufacturer has worked can also offer you relevant clues.

Are Prefab Steel Buildings Any Different From Conventional Buildings?

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Conventional construction procedures have been in use for quite a long time. But there are also such things as prefab steel buildings, which can be considered a bit different from conventional buildings, from certain points of view.

The stages are pretty much the same for both types of buildings. They start with designing, planning the site and building the foundation. But after the planning and site management has been taken care of, things get a somewhat different turn in the case of prefab steel buildings.

We should also note here the fact that prefab buildings should not be mistaken with modular buildings. For modular buildings, the so-called “modules” are produced inside a factory. The module can represent half of a house, or an entire room, and the pieces are put together to form the structure of the building.

In the case of prefabricated buildings, the site is accurately read and then the plan is made. The actual construction process follows the plan, and the skeleton of the building is designed separately.

Prefab steel buildings construction are more durable than conventional buildings. Moreover, they can better fulfill the customers’ expectations. Panels and other metal parts can be customized to resemble other types of materials.


Avoiding Storm Damage with Your New Metal Building

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The strength and durability of metal as a building material are well-known. But what is perhaps underappreciated is that these qualities also contribute to reducing the cost of steel buildings, ensuring the longevity and durability of these structures. Both concepts that are closely related to each other – the longevity and durability of modern steel constructions – are those that have made them some of the most popular construction options nowadays, when profitability is such an important concern.

But the benefits do not stop there.

Prefabricated steel buildings ensure stability, strength and durability. These constructions are strong enough to withstand earthquakes, cyclonic wind, heavy snowfall or rain. If you take some additional precautions, you will easily avoid storm damage. These measures include:

  • Building on higher ground, away from flood-prone areas
  • Using a hipped roof that uses four sloped panels, instead of a gable roof, which would be more vulnerable to wind damage
  • Using treated metals to prevent corrosion

Steel buildings from are an excellent solution, regardless of their destination – residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, military, etc. They will last for long periods of time and help save costs (lower purchase, installation and maintenance prices, compared to traditional buildings). They are the perfect choice for any new construction project.


Can a Metal Barn Keep Your Horses Safe?

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Steel building manufacturers can build the right construction for any type of use, including agricultural. From stables for cattle or grain warehouses, to halls for storing machinery, they always come up with the right solution.

A metal barn will keep your horses safe, because it is a robust construction, very resistant to the action of environmental factors, to fire and even to earthquakes. It can be projected to ensure the right amount of natural light and ventilation, and can be insulated, for better thermal comfort. They can be easily cleaned, which is important to maintain a hygienic environment.

The sustainability of the design of steel buildings can be measured according to several factors, including:

  • reduced use and maintenance of materials
  • lower energy consumption
  • increased overall longevity

These factors contribute to benefits that are evident throughout the life span of a metal barn.

Steel buildings also have an extraordinary degree of flexibility, in terms of meeting customer needs, adapting to specific applications and environments and complying with local building codes. Unlike other construction materials, components used in metal buildings can be easily personalized, depending on very specific requirements. This will not only lead to buildings that better fit specific applications, but it will also mean a much faster construction process, with minimum changes on site that will be neither costly, nor time-consuming.



Building Hangars and Military Buildings – Why Steel Is the Best Choice

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Hangars and military buildings are constructions with special destinations because they must meet certain requirements and respond to various and complex needs. Fortunately, the realization of such constructions is much simplified if one opts for steel buildings instead of traditional buildings.

The first reason to choose steel buildings to be used as hangars and military buildings is their speed of construction as well as the steel building prices Colorado offers are great. These structures are prefabricated and only need to be assembled. They can be mounted even in remote locations that do not have electricity, since welding is not necessary. The components are screwed and/or riveted.

A reverse advantage is the easy disassembly of these structures that can be moved conveniently to other locations.

The metal used for such constructions is recyclable, and therefore provides a resale value. The fact that no wooden elements are used is an indicator of environmentally friendly construction, which contributes to the preservation of wood. In addition, metal is 100% recyclable. The risk of fire is reduced, and the resistance to extreme weather conditions and even to earthquakes is high.

Steel buildings can be compartmentalized according to different needs, and also expanded easily. They also allow the addition of the necessary insulation to ensure thermal and sound comfort.

Prefab steel building manufacturers that build military-purpose constructions consider special options and applications according to military standards.

What Makes Prefab Steel Buildings So Special?

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A prefab steel building can become productive faster than a wooden or concrete structure. In the long run, it requires lower repair costs due to its durability. Once a steel building has gone through its life cycle, the metal can be recycled into other products. In fact, metal is one of the most recycled materials in the world. The ability to raise an entire building with reused materials contributes greatly to the preservation and sustainability that so many people talk about nowadays.

The construction of a steel building can be carried out simpler and cleaner than those involving wooden or concrete structures. Since its parts are prefabricated and designed to be assembled easily, a steel structure requires less specialized manpower, and the entire construction process can be completed in less time.

Prefab steel buildings also allow the use of a larger amount of glass surfaces, which brings more light and reduces the overall energy consumption of the building. Increased natural light is also a benefit for the occupants of steel buildings, as it makes the typical office or work environment healthier and more comfortable.

Another significant advantage of a prefab steel building is its resistance and flexibility in the event of natural disasters, including earthquakes.