Do Prefab Steel Buildings Suffer from Rust?

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Rust is the result of steel corrosion, after the iron particles in it have been exposed to moisture and oxygen. Oxygen causes the electrons to rise and form hydroxyl ions that react with iron to form hydrated iron oxide (FeOH), more commonly known as rust.

Although metal structures seem solid, water molecules are still able to penetrate into the microscopic gaps in its structure. That’s how the corrosion process begins.

Buildings on metal structures are very durable, but even the best ones need periodic maintenance, which includes identifying areas vulnerable to rust or already rusty, cleaning them and protecting them with the help of special substances and paints.

Common signs of wear in a metal structure that you need to take into account:

  • scratches or notches in metal that favors rust
  • more or less severe impact damage
  • corrosion, discoloration or damage to finished surfaces

To prevent some scratching and bumps, cut down the trees that grow too close to the building, clean the area around the building of leaves, twigs and other debris, and, in winter, clean ice and snow so as not to let moisture favor rust formation.

Areas affected by rust must first be sanded and primed, and then painted with special anti-corrosion paint.  For more tips on metal building construction and care look to