What to Ask Your Steel Building Manufacturer About Long Term Resilience

Resilience Steel Building Canam Corporation


Earthquakes and other seismic events damage many buildings every year. Steel buildings are much more resistant to damage caused by earthquakes, because steel has distinct properties that can undo some of the problems that cause the failure of other materials. It is also affordable and usually available.

Here are a few questions to ask CanAm Steel Building Corporation your steel building manufacturer to convince yourself about the long-term resilience of your metal building.

Which are the reasons why steel buildings are more resistant to seismic activity?

One of the main benefits of using steel for a building is to provide it with a combination of lightweight and strength. Lightweight and resistant materials eliminate some of the problems that make traditional buildings vulnerable to earthquakes, because less pressure is put on different components during a seismic event.

In what way is steel different from wood or concrete, in terms of earthquake resilience?

Steel is flexible, it can be deformed and even twisted, without losing its structural integrity. Flexibility is one of the most important qualities of buildings in areas that are prone to earthquakes. This will allow a steel building to easily survive a moderate seismic activity without getting structural damage.

Can you design me a building that will resist to earthquakes?

Surely, a professional building manufacturer will design the building you need. Steel gives designers and engineers the freedom to create a building that meets all the recommendations to survive a seismic event.