Why Choose Metal Frames Instead of Wood Frames?

Steel Building

The range of construction materials that can be used in your building is very wide nowadays, but when it comes to structural frames, the list is down to only two materials: metal and wood. Traditionally, wood has been the solution preferred by most homeowners and builders, but nowadays metal is the most common choice – here is why:

  • Metal frames are much easier to install and the installation process does not require skilled workers, it can be done quickly, simply following the installation instructions that come with the frames.
  • Flexibility – metal frames are suitable for unusual design solutions that wood frames cannot accommodate, such as arched roofs.
  • Strength and resistance – metal is much more durable than wood because it is not susceptible to rot, rodents and pest attacks, it is completely fire-proof and it can withstand seismic movements as well.
  • Maintenance – Unlike wood, metal doesn’t warp and doesn’t split and it does not require maintenance, so when used in frames, the material improves the overall durability of the entire building.
  • Cost – metal can be recycled, which means that the manufacturing of steel building frames is much cheaper than the making of wood frames.
  • No noise – wood tends to make strange sounds as it expands and contracts, which can be scary for those inside the home. Metal does not absorb moisture, so metal frames don’t make any sound.

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