Safety tips for construction work sites

Importance of Safety at Construction Sites

Here are some general safety and security tips, classified according to the phases of a construction project.

Project development

  • Integrating the safety and security concept into the project and designating a properly trained coordinator.
  • Eliminating the risk of falling, by installing stairs and appropriate access paths
  • Ensuring adequate lighting, in every area of the construction work site
  • Planning and executing of demolition activities only under the surveillance of a competent person
  • Creating a functional system for construction waste management
  • Taking all the precautions related to working with different materials like steel, with the steel metal prices being very affordable, there are more and more being constructed.
  • Ensuring an adequate number of container modules and sanitation facilities

Organization of the construction work site

  • Ensuring that all employees are aware of the potential risks and the protective measures, as well as of their own responsibilities for working safely
  • Providing adequate protective equipment to all personnel (headphones, gloves, masks, protective footwear etc.)
  • Providing on site first-aid facilities

Execution phase

  • Using warning signs
  • Interrupting work in adverse weather conditions
  • Ensuring the mandatory use of height safety systems and fall arrest equipment
  • Daily checking of the main electrical panel of the construction site, cables and electrical appliances
  • Storing and signaling of toxic, dangerous and explosive substances, according to the legal requirements
  • Keeping order on a permanent basis
  • Keeping stairs and access paths free for evacuation.