The History of Steel Buildings in the U.S.

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Steel has been discovered thousands of years ago, but it became popular as a building material only after the Industrial Revolution, in the 19th century. Steel was first used as the material for a framework of a building in 1793 in the UK and the technology spread rapidly to the U.S. as well – by the 1830’s, steel beams became widespread in urban construction and then they became popular in rural areas as well.

Architects and engineers recognized the outstanding strength of steel early on, but even so, for a long time, steel was used only for making beams and incorporated into buildings in a way that still placed most of the load on the walls. The true revolution in the use of metal in construction came in the second half of the 19th century, when George A. Fuller started using steel for the entire skeleton of the buildings as well and he came up with ways to use steel to extend building height.

Experts continued to work on developing new technologies to use steel in construction. By World War II, the first portable metal houses were created and metal building systems were widely used by the military during the war. Steel building technologies are nowadays widely used for industrial, commercial and residential purposes and the technology will certainly keep evolving in the future as well.  The steel buildings Colorado manufacturers offer are some of the most durable and sought after in today’s market.