5 Ways to Keep Your Steel Building Cool This Summer

Steel Building HVAC Accessories

Summers are getting hotter and the temperature inside a steep building can reach very high levels, sometimes exceeding the 100 degree mark.

If you own steel building, it is important to know how to keep it cool, especially if there are people working or living in there, as well as if you store items that could be damaged by heat.

The first thing that comes into your mind is probably air conditioning, which is a perfectly valid option, whether we are talking about window air conditioners or an entire air conditioning unit. However, this solution is quite expensive and not the most environmentally friendly either.

Here are other ways to keep you steel building cool during the hot summer days.


Quality insulation will greatly contribute to regulating the indoor temperature and reduce the air transfer, which means that the hot air will stay outdoors. Insulation is equally useful in the winter, when it will keep the heat in, providing a greater level of comfort and reducing energy consumption.

Natural cooling

This can be reached by intelligent landscaping around the building. Trees and shrubs planted on the sides that get the most sun will provide shade in the summer.


Multiple doors and windows allow for cross-ventilation.

Install a light colored roof

Lighter colors reflect the sun rays and the heat will not be absorbed.


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