Metal Building Additions

Steel Building Add On

One of the most significant advantages of pre-engineered steel Buildings from CanAm Steel Building Corporation is that they are self-supporting.  They do not require columns or interior walls for supporting the weight of the structure and, to add floor space another self-supporting metal building can be easily added to adjoin the original structure.

You can also expand your steel building at an end wall, which is a more economical option. There are two common types off such extensions:

Gabled addition

This is achieved by using an opposing Gable roof structure which erects  perpendiculary to the initial structure.  it can match the first building,  or may be lower.  the only concern in this case is to create a watertight seal between this new edition and the original structure.

Single slope

This is probably the most efficient metal building add on. This structure abuts the building on the side and it can be attached in two ways:  by extending the original line of the roof or lower. You can opt for any additional building length – shorter or longer than the original one – and placed on either side (or on both sides) of the building.

You can also opt for a new metal building sidewall expansion with, in which case you should place it between the steel columns. Columns must not be cut to create an opening; otherwise the structural integrity off the original building will be compromised.