What’s the Best Way to Insulate A Steel Building

explore metal building insulation options reduce noise

Metal buildings are more and more present in different forms: department stores, offices and even permanent housing. They are cost effective, easy to install, easy to maintain, very resistant to the elements and to earthquakes, providing the best protection against moisture and mechanical action.

Despite the fact that metal is a very good conductor of temperature, metal buildings can be perfectly habitable if they are properly insulated. Insulation provides adequate thermal comfort and also creates a quiet indoor environment, by keeping the outdoor noise away.

Glass mineral wool is the perfect solution for insulating a metal building, in cases where the compressive strength is not an express requirement.

Insulation of metal buildings with mineral wool keeps the humidity under control

Large differences in temperature between the interior and the exterior will cause condensation on the walls and ceiling, which will affect the stored goods, animals and people living inside.

Glass mineral wool insulation reduces heat transfer, i.e. energy losses

A building which is used frequently needs constant and controllable temperatures throughout the year.

Glass mineral wool absorbs noise

In a large metal building, noises propagate very easily and are even amplified. The addition of insulating materials, explore, from the construction phase will greatly contribute to creating a more comfortable and better soundproofed building.