Good Practices In Building Construction – The Attributions Of The Safety And Security Coordinator

Best Practice in Construction

When more contractors, or a contractor and more subcontractors participate in a building project, the beneficiary and / or the project manager should designate a safety and security coordinator, throughout the entire period of the project, in order to ensure proper working conditions and compliance with health, safety and environment construction requirements.

This person has the obligation to take part in all the phases of the project elaboration, defining the safety and security aspects of the work that must be included, aiming to implement these measures in each stage of the work.

In order to carry out their duties, safety and security coordinators must attend all the meetings related to project elaboration and realization, ensuring that HSE construction requirements are respected every step of the way. The people at CanAm Steel Building Corporation believe in safety first at every level.  According to legal provisions, they must ask the project manager and the contractor all the documentation needed for the development of an efficient safety and security plan, such as:


  • the stages of the work
  • the technological process
  • the organizational chart
  • the equipment
  • risk assessment etc.

Safety and security coordinators must report in a special register all the events taking place on the site (incidents, damages, disciplinary deviations with consequences related to health and safety at work, the occurrence of serious and imminent threats, results of inspections etc.), followed by the decisions taken to improve the situation. The register must be updated whenever a new event occurs.