Design Trends in Modern Constructions

Change in Decades

Buildings today do not look like those of a few decades ago.  From building materials, to interior and exterior design, residential and commercial buildings have changed significantly – and specialists in the field are not the only ones able to notice this reality. The CanAm buildings have a new and innovative design that make them very attractive to builders.  If we look at what is happening today in modern architecture, we can see a series of trends that will certainly continue to evolve, crystallize and define the characteristics of what we call “the house of the future”.

  • Environmentally friendly buildings

An “environmentally friendly” home does not necessarily mean a building made from organic materials. The concept defines homes that consume fewer natural resources and pollute as little as possible.

  • Eco-houses able to protect our health

Wood, stone, as well as other modern, antiallergenic materials, able to keep away mites and bacteria, are increasingly popular among people who are looking for new homes.

  • Integrating a house into the natural environment

Human communion with nature is a concept that began to lose its meaning in the industrial age, but it seems to regain its value today. Instinctively, we tend to prefer a house that harmonizes its design, colors and shapes with the natural environment, because it is created to reduce the boundaries to nature, providing the feeling of comfort and integration.