Classic Color Schemes For Steel Buildings

Metal Building Color Schemes Check Here For Ideas

Choosing adequate colors for your steel building, check here, is just as important as for any other type of buildings. Basically, the color scheme includes a trio (roof, walls and trim colors). There are color charts for all metal building kits and some of them are interactive which means that customers can preview the colors and select them according to their preferences.

The color scheme you choose will make your building unique and integrate it in the neighborhood, by complimenting surrounding structures.

Here are some of the most popular colors people choose for their steep buildings:

  • Shades of red and white
  • Shades of blue and white
  • Light brown, dark brown and bronze
  • Charcoal gray monochromatic
  • Gray and shades of green
  • Shades of brown and white

You can set up your dream steel building quite easily with the help of an online color configurator (more and more manufacturers offer this tool to their clients), whether it is for a production hall, a warehouse, an industrial hall, a garage etc. You have the option to test different facades for different construction shapes and you can see the result from different angles. At any time, you can change the color scheme to test more options.