Why Are Steel Buildings Actually Stronger than Wood Frame Buildings?

Why Is Metal Better Than Wood For Construction

Whether they feature an “exoskeleton” or are internally reinforced, large buildings often require a durable material like steel or wood to keep them from succumbing to the forces of nature and being easily damaged or even brought down. Wood frame buildings have been built for this purpose for centuries, withstanding the test of time and being remarkably efficient. However, since the late 1800s, steel buildings and buildings using materials reinforced with structural steel have become extremely popular due to their greater durability and lower maintenance costs.


Why are steel buildings so profitable and resilient? First of all, steel is more durable when used in larger amounts. Compared to wood, which would be extremely inefficient in the construction of very tall buildings, steel can handle the job without a problem, and it also works together well with concrete.


Wood is also subject to being heavily affected by the elements and by various pests. Because of this, localized damage is common, and wood structures need constant maintenance in order to maintain their structural integrity. This doesn’t happen with metal buildings, and steel is one of the most durable metals used for these types of constructions.


Each way we look at it, steel buildings from CanAm Steel Building Corporation are the top most durable buildings in the construction industry. So if you truly want your new building to withstand the test of time, most experts will tell you that steel is the way to go.