What Kind of Landscaping Works Best with Metal Buildings?

Landscaping With Metal Building Construction

If your new metal building has just been erected or if you have bought a property with a steel construction on it, you surely want to create an image that is attractive in a harmonious way, one that integrates the building and the space around it. Here are some tips for you:

  • Pay attention to safety – most steel buildings come fitted with metal roofs. Metal roofs are great, strong and durable building envelope components, but they are a bit sensitive to strong impact, such as the impact caused by fallen tree limbs or branches. If your existing landscape include large trees that you want to preserve, make sure that they are properly trimmed, especially in the case of limbs that overhang the roof;
  • Use natural material on your walkways – brick or stone works great on any landscape and they contrast the industrial look of steel to create a harmonious space;
  • Grow a lawn and take care of it – be prepared that growing a great, healthy, strong lawn takes some work and energy, but the outcome will surely be great. You can use the lawn as a base for adding all sorts of other landscape components, such as flower beds and shrubs.

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