Trends in Construction in Colorado

Colorado construction trends are determined by many different factors, including style-related aspects and the requirement to accelerate execution – here are a few of the hottest trends that govern the construction industry in Colorado.

Offsite Construction

Also known as prefabricated or modular buildings, offsite construction is increasingly popular these days. Modular buildings come with numerous benefits for construction companies and prospective owners as well: constructors are relieved from the stress of having to staff construction sites and property owners can get their buildings completed cheaper and faster.

Green Buildings

In the past, green adoption used to be more prevalent in the commercial sector, but nowadays more and more residential owners are interested in environment-friendly construction. The trend is becoming increasingly popular not only when it comes to new construction, but also in remodeling – more and more owners decide to transform their existing homes into energy-efficient passive buildings.

Single-family Construction

While multifamily construction used to be the driving force in the Colorado construction market in the past, the dominant trend nowadays is the increased interest for single-family buildings.

Remodeling, Rather than New Construction

The demand for new construction is on the rise in Colorado, but buildings that can be remodeled are even more sought after, especially in the luxury sector.  The steel building prices for new construction are very reasonable and should be taken into consideration as well.