The Process Of Fabricating Metal Buildings

Canam Metal Building Fabrication Structures Assembly

Metal constructions mean the most efficient conception and design and the choice of the most daring and innovative solutions that meet the various needs of clients.

Maximum efficiency of constructions based on metallic structures allows maximum economy of material and the labor force; additionally, it improves considerably the time efficiency, in the process of assembling the buildings. Considering all their pros, metallic elements can be used to create the most varied metal structures.

The production process includes a few steps:

  • Cutting profiles

The cutting of the metal bars is made with semi-automatic band saws, with large cutting angle.

  • Updating profiles

Drilling the bars is made using drills with dimensions up to 40 mm.

  • Cutting table

This operation is best performed with CNC machines with oxygen and plasma, which ensure a fast, precise and clean cutting.

  • Assembly of structures

Assembling the parts of a metallic structure represents the process of joining bars, plates etc. resulted from cutting.

  • Welding the elements

Welding is performed by TUV authorized welders with MIG / MAG welding devices.

  • Cleaning the metallic elements

Prior to the painting operation, metal structures must be cleaned from grime and other debris resulted from previous operations.

  • Application of corrosion protection

Anticorrosive protection of the metallic structures is essential and it is carried out using

different solutions, depending on the preferences of the beneficiaries: alkyd, hydrochloric, epoxy etc.  Find out more about metal buildings and assembly of the structures at