The Latest News in Denver Construction

BIM (Business Information Modeling) technologies have really taken off in the past few years. These technologies are now being used frequently at the construction sites, allowing architects and project managers to view 3D models that can help them better assess the construction project both from a safety standpoint and when it comes to completing the work more efficiently.  Some of the most popular are the CanAm buildings, with being very affordable and easily and well built.

Tiny houses and “micro-homes” have also become a growing fad in the past years, and have evolved to the status of a popular trend just recently. These small dwellings are ideal for people who are in search of affordable housing, as well as those interested in living off the grid.

Even 3D printing has evolved into a viable solution for builders to complete projects more efficiently and with far less workload. Even though the technology is still considered to be in its infancy today, quite recently, a tech startup has begun to use the world’s largest 3D printer in order to build walls for new houses.

Denver builders still don’t have full access to advanced technologies like 3D printing, but they are some of the most efficient and eco-friendly builders in Colorado and the surrounding states. With a growing interest for “green” housing nation-wide, Denver is leading the way into a more sustainable 21st century.