Searching For Steel Building Prices

Get Quality Above Price Of Steel Building

Steel buildings are used for many residential, commercial and industrial applications, providing great benefits: durability, resistance, customization, ease of installation, affordability, eco-friendliness and more.

The cost of a steel building is typically lower than the cost of a traditional building, but it may vary according to several factors, including the size and complexity of the building. You can get a small steel building with $3,500, but you will pay over $45,000 for an industrial sized building.

If you prospect for steel building prices, the best thing is to look for manufacturing companies, check sample costs and ask for price estimates, by providing exact details on the building you are looking for. This way, you can compare prices and get an idea on how much you will pay for what you decide to purchase.

The average cost for pre-engineered steel buildings is $18 per Sq ft. Knowing this, you can estimate even further: a small horse barn (12×6) will cost you around $2,400, a 30×50 workshop will have an average cost of $16,000, while for a large insulated building (60×80) with windows you will pay around $41,000.

Prices are affordable compared with traditional buildings, and pre-engineered steel buildings come in kits, ready to assemble, which is very convenient and less labor intensive.  For building kits and pricing, see CANAM STEEL BUILDING CORPORATION.