Noise Reduction for Steel Buildings

Noise Reduction InsulationSteel buildings are great, versatile, resistant and durable constructions, but without any sound protection measures, they do tend to be noisy. Fortunately, there are several ways to soundproof your steel building – here are some:

  • Insulation – insulating the building is the best way to reduce the amount of noise that penetrates the building from outside as well as for reducing the noise that reaches the outside world from inside the building. Insulation will also improve the building’s energy balance and will reduce the expenses of cooling and heating the interior spaces;
  • Sound absorbing sheets and blankets – these sheets made from special, sound absorbing material are used as temporary noise reduction solutions, view website. They are usually hung on the walls and the ceiling to muffle the sounds generated inside the building and to keep the noise from the exterior out as well;
  • Using a combination of drywall and insulation – this method involves the creation of a room within a room. A drywall is built along the building’s metal panel walls, the drywall is insulated using insulation of the right type and thickness, then another layer of drywall is added on top of the insulation. The topmost layer of drywall can be then finished with paint or stain to the building owner’s specifications and design-related requirements.  view website