Noise Reduction for Steel Buildings

Metal Buildings Noise Canceling Insulation

Metal buildings have many qualities that make them such a great solution for any application – they are resistant to any weather, durable, versatile and suitable for any scope of usage – , but metal is not the best sound-insulating material, so if you need your steel building to be silent, you need to implement some extra measures. Here are some of the most common ways to solve the problem:

  • Add insulation – the right type of wall insulation forms a barrier that stops the outside noise from reaching inside the building and prevents the noises generated inside the building from slipping out. Insulating your steel building will bring other benefits as well, such as preventing the energy exchange between the building interior and the world outside and improved air quality in the interior spaces;
  • Add sound absorbing materials – these sheets or blankets made from special, sound-insulating material are usually hung or fastened to the interior side of the walls and they prevent the amount of noise that leaves and enters the building;
  • Combine drywall and insulation – the method creates a sandwich that consists of a layer of drywall, a layer of insulation and another layer of drywall, then the topmost layer of the sandwich is stained or painted.