The Advantages of a Steel Building

Steel buildings are an ideal choice for a number of different uses, and the structures have several benefits. Because steel is one of the strongest building materials on the market, it spans greater distances than lumber. This allows a building owner to maximize the use of their floor space. High ceilings are just one option and are ideal for agricultural buildings. For maximum energy efficiency, steel is compatible with a range of insulation panels. Traditional wood framing is one of the least efficient building technologies because there is a stud every 16 or 24 inches. Steel is stronger than wood and does not require as many structural members to carry the same weight.

Light-Weight and Long Spans

Many agricultural enterprises rely on steel buildings to help them maximize their use of floor space. Building a new structure is an expensive investment, and wasted room is an ineffective use of resources. Because steel is incredibly strong, it can carry more weight and span longer distances than other framing materials. For this reason, steel is a great choice for applications that require plenty of overhead space. Storing farm equipment is just one way to take advantage of today’s steel structures. Custom designs are also readily available and can be altered to meet individual clearance requirements. In addition, steel is an ideal choice for owners who are considering future expansions. Most designs lend themselves to additions, and there are plenty of ways to add more space in the future.

Energy Efficiency

Today’s buildings are designed with high-efficiency Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Steel offers several advantages because it can be fully insulated. Unlike, wood –framed structures, steel can span vast distances and does not require support every 16 inches. Steel insulation panels are easily attached to a structure and have some of the highest R-values in the industry. This means that the structures are cheaper to heat and cool.

Cost Effective

Steel is also one of the most cost-effective building materials and offers advantages in the initial price of a project. Because steel structures are incredibly easy to erect, labor expenses are usually minimal. In addition, steel is one of the most affordable construction materials and is often less expensive than wood framing. Steel fasteners, panels and accessories are designed for exterior application and last for years with little maintenance. Most siding and roofing panels are backed with a minimum 20-year warranty. There is nothing to paint and no wood to rot over time.

Steel buildings offer several advantages and are ideal for several different applications. Retail, agricultural and warehouses are just a few of the different areas where steel excels. The material is one of the lightest and easily spans incredible distances. This allows owners to maximize the use of their floor space as there are fewer load-bearing walls and obstructions. Steel is also a cost-effective choice and is among the most affordable building materials. Because efficient insulation systems are compatible with steel wall and roof panels, owners save money on utility bills.