Beautiful Steel Facades

Steel is one of the most versatile and beautiful architectural materials, which is why we love it so much. While structures like these aren’t made every day, it’s fun to see what our friends across the ocean are doing with it. To begin your CanAm Steel metal buildings project, call us today.

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Taken from the article:

Spain advances contemporary architecture by learning from its past. With the second highest number of World Heritage Sites globally and an eclectic mix of building styles, the country has also produced famous designers like Gaudí, Moneo and Calatrava. As a nation, it remains one of the most culturally diverse places in the world. This has helped shaped Spain’s rich architectural history. While its boundaries have been redrawn over time and various civilizations left their mark, the country continues to champion new architecture and novel design strategies.

With a respect for history and an optimism for what could be, much of Spain’s development started with the Romans and the Moors. These constructions would ground later designs and set the stage for the country’s various building periods, including structures from the Mudéjar, Renaissance, Baroque and Modernist styles. Today, this mix juxtaposes futuristic designs alongside ancient mosques and grandiose public spaces.

Taking a closer look at Spain’s contemporary projects and design culture, we’ve rounded up a collection of metal projects that champion a dynamic material investigation. Though the projects are drawn across different regions in the country, they each show how designers are creating exciting works of metallic architecture. While the projects are made with different scales and programs, they all explore contemporary ideas on enclosure, surface and envelope. The collection showcases some of Spain’s greatest projects and how to create poetic, stunning façades.