Modern Construction Design Trends

Construction trends are determined not only by aesthetic considerations and beauty ideals that are prevailing in the period, but by economic aspects as well. Considerations such as cost efficiency and reduced ownership costs are today paired with a preference for clean and minimalist appearance – here are a few aspects that determine what modern buildings look like:

  • Energy-efficiency – whether the construction is located in a region that gets warm weather the year around or in an area where winters are harsh, energy efficiency is always an important requirement. Many modern constructions now use photovoltaic cells, solar panels or other sources of green energy to reduce energy bills without compromising thermal comfort inside the building.
  • Sustainable design – passive houses (buildings that take energy efficiency one step further and use advanced technical solutions such as body heat recycling, special building materials and ventilation to reduce their environmental footprint) are more and more in demand, despite the relatively high construction costs.
  • Prefabricated buildings – reduced construction time and costs is also an aspect that determines modern construction trends, like that of modern design CanAm buildings that speak durability. More and more people choose modular solutions that use panels manufactured in factories and assembled on the building site, thus reducing building costs and the time necessary for completion to a couple of months.