Metal Buildings or Pole Barns? – Make The Right Choice

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Despite the fact that pole barns can appear to be similar, at least on the outside, there are significant differences between these two. So, in order to make the right choice, it is essential to carefully assess the options.

The most important difference between a pole barn and a metal building is the construction method and the durability level. The interior frame for pole structures is made of wood, and the exterior is usually made of metal panels. There are many styles and configurations that you can use to build a pole barn.

Metal buildings, on the other hand, contain virtually zero flammable materials. They have steel frames, wall and structures. They can be used for various different uses, styles and types of architecture.

Wood is easy to build with, but can be affected by rot, natural deterioration, mold, etc. If exposed to extreme heat and sparks, wood can catch fire. On the other hand, steel buildings can last for a very long time, if they are properly maintained.

Steel buildings from can be much bigger in size than pole barns, so that they can accommodate various needs. But they can also be built in smaller sizes, depending on the exact purposes of the building.