Helpful Tips for Inspecting Your Steel Building for Weather Damage

Helpful Metal Building Inspection Tips

Inspecting your metal buildings for rain or hail damage, as well as damage resulting from snow and ice during the winter, is no easy feat. You’ll have to follow a few distinctive steps, if you want to be able to cover all the most essential points:


  1. Start with the roof. If there’s any part of the building that might have been affected by rain, wind or hail, it will be the part that’s in the direct line of fire. However, you’ll often find that it takes a lot to actually damage a brand new metal building’s roof, and the main concern will be whether any of the paint or coating might have come off, leaving the metal exposed and prone to rusting.
  2. Dents made by the powerful impact of hail can also be possible. Metal roofs aren’t indestructible, and there are certain impacts that can even punch a hole through the metal that makes up your metal building. However, in the case of hail this will likely not happen any time soon.
  3. Signs of rusting and water damage can occur if the metal buildings are older and haven’t been taken care of much as of late. If you notice that, it’s important to consult an expert and see if the rusted areas can be treated, or if some patchwork might be necessary to cover them and then add some necessary coating as well.