Good questions to ask a contracting job applicant

Questions For Job Applicants

The structure of a job interview is very important, as we are talking about a direct contact with a contracting job applicant, during which we must get as much relevant information as possible to help us decide whether we are going to hire that person or not. Besides the questions specific to each job, for instance the hiring of a salesman selling metal buildings for sale nationwide versus a realtor selling a home, the questions would be different, here are some general questions that employers should address during a recruitment interview:

What can you tell me about you?

Surely, you will say there is no easier question than this. It is interesting, however, that many candidates are not able to use it in their favor and lose simply because they rush to say non-relevant things, sometimes even trivial. A job interview is a rather short occasion for a job applicant to gain the employer’s attention, and this must be attempted right from the first sentences.

What are the biggest successes in your career?

The answer to this question is expected to be clear and concise, supported by extracts from the applicant’s CV.

What are the biggest failures in your career?

Nothing compares to a candidate who can accept the idea of ​​being vulnerable to an interviewer, who has the courage to reveal his/ her weak points and failures, while proving at the same time that no failure has occurred in vain. A candidate who can prove that he/ she has learned valuable lessons even from failures, deserves attention.

Why should I hire you?

Here, job applicants are expected to start selling themselves! However, adjectives are not enough. Ask to support their affirmations and arguments with verifiable data that can be turned into money and non-financial results.