The Most Common Types of Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings

Metal buildings offer great, flexible architectural solutions and can be used for lots of different purposes. If you are currently in the process of deciding what type of steel building would work best for you, here are the most common steel construction types:

  • Arch-type buildings – also known as Quonset huts or Nissen huts, these arched steel structures are the most convenient and most affordable solutions for warehouses, agricultural facilities, offices and housing. They come in two forms: buildings shaped in a semi-circle and structures with straight walls that hold up a rounded roof;
  • Clear-span buildings – also called I-beam buildings because of the large, straight trusses used for supporting the roof, these structures have no interior beams and are therefore more suitable for larger construction, such as hangars or large manufacturing facilities;
  • Multiple-span buildings – these buildings combine the strength offered by I-shaped lateral trusses with internal columns to provide even more support and to allow for even larger floor space. Multiple-span structures are the preferred choice for industrial and agricultural facilities that need lots of space as well as for applications that need to accommodate lots of people at a time, such as worship buildings and arenas. The Denver steel buildings manufacturer offer some of the best around.